A little learning

Part of my yoga journey is a whole ‘lotta learnin’ – and then learning some more. This summer, I finally really discovered





Prior to this summer, I’ve listened to a single episode every now and again, but with grad school, coaching, teaching, and managing life in general, I’ve found an interesting bond with podcasts. After my morning practice, I hopped on my stationary bike (for low impact recovery cardio) and started to fish around the “Browse” section of my podcast mobile app. ESPN’s 30for30 materialized entitled “BIKRAM.” I knew I was going to have to listen. And I am. Having not listened to much, I’m not sure what I think so far, but I’d be interested to know what you all think about it as well – almost like a virtual podcast club in the style of a book club. I’m interested in the thoughts of people who have a yoga practice as well as those who are new to yoga and those who have never stepped on a mat.

Has anyone else listened to this podcast yet?
What did you think?
Even if you haven’t listened to the podcast, what are your thoughts on what you do know?
If you are well acquainted with the situation, what do you think about the whole Bikram Yoga situation?
What do you think about the Bikram style of yoga?

I’m interested in what people think and feel especially in this particularly poignant atmosphere.


Think. Connect. Elevate.


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