Ragnar teaches that straight and honest aren’t the same.

This past weekend, a team of amazing people completed the Ragnar Relay 'Dacks event.  It was pretty great.  One of my legs of the relay was about 8.3 miles.  The roads ebbed and flowed like the moon was pulling them toward it's bright face, creating long hilly stretches.  The wind blew bitterly cold across my … Continue reading Ragnar teaches that straight and honest aren’t the same.


I've explained in several of my posts that running, for me, often brings answers.  With my intensifying yoga practice, I'm finding answers there now as well.  But let's ask an honest question: was I really finding answers, or were they there all along? Today, I learned that the answers are always there.  Sometimes we just need … Continue reading Answers


Just as people breath in and out, so does the environment.  Not just nature, but the environment in which we live.  One's environment almost breathes with its person.  There's a connectedness there.  An energy.  And it's real. Sometimes one must blast into that energy with a freight train of a run or a power yoga class … Continue reading Rest