Let the water settle; you will see the moon and stars mirrored in your being. - Rumi There is so much churning in the world. Consider stillness. Inaction and stillness are not the same things. Contemplate the proceedings. Scrutinize what you hear. Conscientiously determine your path forward. Own your journey. Leave it all out there. … Continue reading Stillness

Thirty Days of Thankful 11.5.16

Today, I'm just thankful for this beautiful season of change. Just.  Why just?  What makes me, and perhaps us, reduce, minimize, or simplify with, "just?"  How can I take it out? Today, I'm entirely, whole-heartedly, joyously, and excitedly thankful for this amazingly vibrant luscious and forgiving season. Photo: pajerunner

TDT 2.0 One Thing

There is ONE thing to be thankful for today: All Veterans. Special mention to those in my family who have served: Mom, Dad, Pop, Grandpa Bob, Uncle Clarence, Sheri and countless others. Please take a few moments to visit to find ways to supports those who support us.