TDT 2.0 One Thing

There is ONE thing to be thankful for today: All Veterans. Special mention to those in my family who have served: Mom, Dad, Pop, Grandpa Bob, Uncle Clarence, Sheri and countless others. Please take a few moments to visit to find ways to supports those who support us.


I have a confession.  The topic of this post was not conceived while pounding the pavement or traversing the trails. This post is included in a blog about running because I would not have been able to manage the crippling situations detailed in this post without the countless therapeutic miles spent putting one foot in … Continue reading Purpose


I have two favorite times to run: in the rain or snow at night.  I love watching the world glisten.  It’s almost trembling with the potential and possibilities of the fresh new day the dawn will bring.  There’s clarity.  The darkness conceals scars beneath a blanket of quiet.  The liquid air can swallow up tears in … Continue reading Broken