8.10.17 and 8.11.17 Hawaii Day 18 and 19

The past few days have been filled with rainbows, shared moons, yoga nidra, and lovely people. I'm so thankful for all the lovely lights I've met here. They are bright, vibrant, and contribute enormously to the tapestry of individuals on this journey. Each person has a unique perspective and I'm appreciating them all. Tomorrow brings … Continue reading 8.10.17 and 8.11.17 Hawaii Day 18 and 19

8.1.17 Hawaii Day 9

We are one with the wind. One with the clouds... one as the waves are at one with the sea! Alfred Noyes Finally the dolphin video loaded!!! They are tough to see. There were 10-15 and you can see the dark triangular fins grazing the water. AAAAHHHH!!